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Thushan Ganegedara

PhD in Engineering
University of Sydney

BSc. Eng (Comp. Sci.)
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka


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Thushan Ganegedara
PhD in Engineering, University of Sydney
BSc. Eng (Comp. Sci.), University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

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99x Technology

I did my internship in 99x Technology which broadened
my knowledge and gave me the opportunity
to overcome various challenges.

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As one of the Highest GPA holders during my undergrads, I did my internship with one of the locally leading giants in software industry; 99x Technology. My time at 99x Technology, enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and cope with novel technologies.
  • Achievements
    • Competence in mobile application development; Android, iOS and Windows
    • Exposure to Code repositories and test-driven development
    • Televisionary - First Windows Mobile Application of 99x Technology
    • Member of the organizing committee of several locally recognized events
  • Responsibilities
    • Developing softwares while collaborating with the deveoloper team
    • Organizing events aiming to improve non-technical skills

Worked with Benetech for GSOC 2012. It was exciting to work
work with an overseas organization remotely.

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  • Summary
    • Working with Benetech (A US-based company) through GSOC 2012 was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Furthermore, this opportunity helped me to build my character by driving me out of my comfort-zone to collaborate with people with various personal and technical backgrounds.
  • Achievements
    • Successfully completed my project allowing the implemented functionality to be used by the customers
    • Gained experience in working with overseas company
    • Earned a positive recommendation from my mentor on LinkedIN
  • Responsibilities
    • Implementing perodical (i.e. Newspaper/Magazine) downloadability to an accessible Ebook reader (Go-Read)
    • Implementing an automatic periodical download through a subscription feature for users
    • Engaging in frequent meetins with my mentor to discuss the progress and plan ahead
Zone 24x7

I worked as an Associate Research Assistant in
Zone 24x7. During this, I extended my undergraduate
research to solve an industrial problems.

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I worked at Zone 24x7 as an Associate Research Assistant. The project was an collaborative project between Zone24x7 and University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and Deakin University, Australia. It was first of its kind in Sri Lanka as the objective of the project was to test the feasibility of state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques to solve real world problems. The project was to identify business value of monitoring retail equipment status. And then use automated analysis and machine learning techniques to extract useful information about correlations and infer reasons behind equipment failures.

I was privileged to collaborate with WSO2 for
GSOC 2015. This gave me an opportunity
to use my research in a real world problem.

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Working with WSO2 for GSOC 2015 was indeed a great learning and joyful experience for me. WSO2 is one of the pioneers in the open-source world and is a world-class Software Conglomerate. In this project I worked with one of their blossoming open-source product called WSO2 Machine Learner (WSO2-ML). My project specifically was to integrate Deep Learning to WSO2-ML. Deep Learning is a highly-recognized frontier in Machine Learning due to the ample breakthroughs it made in various domains. Being a graduate student working specifically in the field of Deep Learning, this was an ideal opportunity for me to fuse my knowledge with industrial professionals to produce something amazing. My project consisted of 3 main components. They are,
  • Find a reliable and promising Java Deep Learning library
  • Integrate it to WSO2-ML and configure the library correctly while giving user the freedom for basic configurations
  • Visualize the deep network during the set-up
Skill Minimum Below Average Average Above Average Expert
Deep Learning
Skill Level
Deep Learning Expert
Robotics Above Average
Python Above Average
ROS Above Average
Web Above Average