[Part 1] Implementing Deep Learning for WSO2-ML

This project was primarily focused on integrating DeepLearning in WSO2 Machine Learner (WSO2-ML). Deeplearning is essentially a
network with many hidden layers. Deep Networks became popular recently (around 2006) due to their
incredible ability to learn features from raw data (representation learning) and outperform almost any benchmark dataset despite the domain.

WSO2-ML is a machine learning back-end implemented by WSO2. Version 1.0.0 has been recently released with many well-known algorithms for various analysis purposes (i.e. clustering, classification, …). Furthermore, WSO2-ML provides lot of customization which makes the product versatile.

Running WSO2 Machine Learner

  1. Download WSO2carbon-ml
  2. Download WSO2product-ml
  3. Build product-ml project using Maven
  4. Run wso2server.bat (Windows) wso2server.sh (Linux) located in bin folder of the built target
  5. Open your favorite browser and type localhost:9443/carbon
  6. Sign in using default credentials
  7. In the main console, click on List under Applications
  8. Click on Go to URL under ml entry in the table
  9. Then you should be redirected to login interface of WSO2-ML